Daler Rowney - Acrylics and Brushes
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Daler Rowney - Acrylics and Brushes

Daler Rowney have over 200 years of experience in creating quality art supplies. They are one of the world's most well-known art brands for paint, paper and drawing materials.Rowney was founded in the 18th century and supplied Constable and Turner with their oil colours, and were the first to introduce a range of artists' acrylics in 1963. The Daler Board Company began in 1945, creating substitues for canvas after the war before expanding their range of art materials, and the expertise of both companies combined to create the leading brand we know today. With Georgian Oil, Graduate Oil, System 3 Acrylics and a broad range of sketchbooks and paper pads, Daler Rowney continue to inspire creativity in artists of all ages.

We stock:

Good quality Acrylics and acrylic painting accessories.

Excellent nylon acrylic brushes.

The popular System 3 acrylic paint. Available in 75ml and 500ml.